Indian Television and there effects on general viewer.

Before I start I wanna confess that I stopped watch Star Plus ( sitara ) , Colors( rangeela) and zee ( chee) ..

You know what there was a time ( around 2000 ) there were good shows which not only had good storyline but was able to watch with parents. However today’s show are so cheap that they are influencing viewers with a mindset ‘ empowerment ‘ !

In the name of entertainment producer especially ekta making us fools with illogical crap show. What nonsense is that naagin show ? How can even viewers liking ? Nothing happens such I hope they realised because half of the fans thinks whatever ITV shows is reality but 0 % reality. A naagin giving birth,romancing etc etc. How ? Horror shows sorry but which ghost is so like handsome dude..They are more like fancy dress clown in the disguise of ghost .

3) multiple marriages of one couple ( god knows who do ) , secondly y ITV is so mean whenever FL is getting married there is always a twist she get pregnant and carrying would be hubby child ( whom she is marrying ) but that god damn idiot father will refused his own child calling illegitimate of other ?

4) showing teenagers actors and there poor acting in romantic roles …Lol give them first acting classes .

5) fandom was so called of these shows are so pathetic .That they start day dreaming of being as FL ..Kind of possessiveness for a male lead and those actors don’t give damn to such lunatic fans.

6) just keep in mind before going for any serials kindly check if it’s watch able or not. You might end up having headaches .